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Краків, Польща, є захоплюючим поєднанням багатої історії, яскравої культури та архітектурної краси, що робить його місцем, яке варто відвідати мандрівникам у всьому світі.

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Historical Treasures

As one of Poland’s oldest cities, Krakow boasts a wealth of historical landmarks, including the UNESCO-listed Wawel Castle, the stunning Cloth Hall in the Main Market Square, and the poignant remnants of the Jewish Quarter in Kazimierz. Each site tells a story of Krakow’s storied past, from its medieval origins to its role as Poland’s cultural capital.


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Cultural Hub

Amazing culture

Cracow pulsates with cultural energy, evident in its lively arts scene, bustling nightlife, and thriving culinary offerings. Visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Polish cuisine at local eateries, catch a performance at one of the city’s many theaters or concert halls, and explore contemporary art galleries showcasing the talents of Cracow’s creative community.


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So easy to travel!

Cracow has a great connection with other cities!

Getting to Cracow is quite easy, as the city is well-connected by various means of transportation. You can reach Krakow by plane, train, bus, or car. Major airlines offer flights toCracow’s John Paul II International Airport (KRK), located about 11 kilometers west of the city center. Additionally, Cracow’s central location in Europe makes it accessible by train from major cities like Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. The city also has an extensive bus network, with routes connecting Cracow to other cities and towns in Poland and beyond. If you prefer to drive, Cracow is easily accessible by car via well-maintained highways and roads. Once you arrive, public transportation, taxis, and walking are convenient options for getting around the city.

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