Semen examination
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Take the first step toward evaluating your fertility. Get your semen tested before it’s too late.

Semen testing is one of the first and basic tests performed in the diagnosis of male fertility. Perform it, both when you want to prophylactically check the quality of your sperm and protect yourself for the future, and when you are trying unsuccessfully with your partner to have a child.

What will you learn through the study?

Semen testing provides a range of important information about male fertility, including:

  • the number and structure of sperm in the semen sample collected,
  • the percentage of viable sperm and their motility,
  • their appearance, viscosity and fluidity.

Semen examination can also be supplemented with:

  • assessment of the degree of damage to sperm DNA material,
  • the presence of bacteria and fungi in the semen.
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    How does the semen test work?

    Semen donation

    You receive a sterile semen container at the clinic registration. You go with it to a specially prepared room, where you give a semen sample to the container in intimate conditions through masturbation.

    Semen examination

    Semen as soon as possible goes to the laboratory, where its various parameters are checked.

    Receiving the result

    You will receive the result of the semen test up to 3h. It will be interpreted for you by a Gyncentrum specialist.

    How to prepare for a semen test?

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    Standards and interpretation of the result

    Semen parameters are evaluated based on the current guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2021. According to them, a result in which individual semen parameters reach the following values is considered normal:

    Ejaculate volume ≥ 1.4 ml

    Sperm concentration (number of sperm in 1 ml of semen) ≥ 16 million

    Percentage of sperm with progressive motility ≥ 30%

    Percentage of motile sperm (progressive and non-progressive motility) ≥ 42%

    Sperm viability (percentage of viable sperm) ≥ 54%

    pH ≥ 7,2

    Sperm morphology (percentage of sperm with normal structure) ≥ 4%

    Remember not to try to interpret the result of a sperm test on your own. The proper evaluation of your sperm parameters can only be done by a urologist or andrologist during an individual consultation. Make an appointment to find out whether your semen meets the standards set by the WHO and whether the result obtained can affect your fertility.

    pacjent podczas wizyty u androloga w celu interpretacji wyniku badania spermy

    Why Gyncentrum?

    • The most advanced fertility diagnostics in Poland
    • Modern method of examination – computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA)
    • Precise interpretation of the test result by an andrologist and urologist
    • 100% privacy – comfortable conditions for semen donation in a specially designated room

    Find out the price of a semen test

    The price of a semen test depends on the scope of the analysis and the test technique.

    Are you interested in the cost of semen testing? Feel free to read the price list or contact the Gyncentrum hotline at +48 735 122 777.

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