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International Sperm and Ova Bank Gyncentrum was established to support couples who, for biological reasons, cannot have their own offspring. It is the largest bank in this part of Europe, which influences the very fast matching of the donor or donor.

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    Your chance at parenthood

    Some couples are unable to have their own offspring for biological reasons. Reasons for this may include: age, poor quality or lack of reproductive cells, genetic burdens, anti-cancer therapy, surgery in the reproductive organs.

    The only chance to have their own offspring is then to use donor reproductive material.

    Gyncentrum Sperm and Ova Bank ensures anonymity and safety of all procedures. Donors and donors are individuals who have consciously and voluntarily decided to donate their reproductive cells and have undergone a series of rigorous qualification procedures. Thanks to dedicated reproductive cell donation programs and cooperation with foreign sperm banks, the waiting time for reproductive cells at the Gyncentrum Sperm and Ova Bank has been reduced to a minimum.

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    Adoption of reproductive cells and embryos

    Based on the knowledge and experience of Gyncentrum clinic specialists, we have developed programs to meet the needs of patients whose reproductive cells do not allow them to conceive biological offspring. The condition for joining the programs is qualification of the Couple by a Gyncentrum specialist and fulfillment of formal requirements.


    In vitro with donor egg cell – Egg Cell Bank

    The program is designed for couples whose infertility problem is dictated by the female factor. We qualify women who have no ova of their own, have significantly reduced AMH levels, are after ovarian removal, multiple miscarriages, unsuccessful IVF attempts or suffer from premature ovarian function syndrome. During the procedure, we use an egg cell taken from an anonymous donor and fertilize it with the sperm of the patient’s partner.

    Benefits of the program:

    • Matching of an anonymous donor in 7 days,
    • Guarantee of 2 blastocysts,
    • 60% success rate of the program,
    • Matching the donor based on phenotypic characteristics (appearance traits),
    • Preparation of the donor and recipient by the same doctor,
    • Safety and anonymity at every stage of the procedure,
    • Restrictive qualification of the donor,
    • Comprehensive care by a dedicated coordinator at each stage of the procedure.
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    IVF program with donor sperm – Sperm Bank

    The program is aimed at couples whose infertility problem is dictated by the male factor. Its essence is the fertilization of the Partner’s egg cell with sperm from an anonymous donor.

    The Program in vitro with donor sperm may be joined by men who:

    • have poor semen parameters or lack of sperm in their semen,
    • are burdened with genetic diseases,
    • have a history of cancer.
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    Embryo adoption

    When the infertility problem affects both Partners, it is possible to join the Embryo Adoption Program. Embryos for adoption come from Couples who have undergone the IVF procedure at the Gyncentrum Clinic and had a larger number of embryos frozen. These are couples who already had their dream number of offspring, so they decided to share their embryos.

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    Preserve fertility

    Oncology therapy, surgical procedures in the reproductive organs can adversely affect female and male fertility. Oncofertility is a way to preserve your fertility.

    If you have been diagnosed with cancer, protect your fertility so that you can enjoy biological offspring in the future!

    Gyncentrum Semen and Ova Bank provides the highest quality storage of reproductive material.

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    Become a reproductive cell donor

    By becoming a donor, you help make the dream of parenthood come true for people for whom reproductive cell adoption is the only chance for parenthood. The Gyncentrum Sperm and Ova Bank is a place where you can donate your reproductive material and give infertile couples a chance at parenthood.

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    Learn about the stories of our patients


    Joanna and Paul, Frank’s parents

    Joanna and Pawel are a couple from Krakow. They have been happy parents of Frank for several months.

    “Our story was quite convoluted, because by the time we came under the wing of Gyncentrum, we had already had more than three years of efforts and two unsuccessful IVF procedures at other infertility clinics. We did a number of tests – both immunological and genetic. A wise specialist knew what to do about it and could draw his own conclusions from these test results as to why certain procedures, in our case, had failed and what was the reason,” says Joanna.

    The couple at Gyncentrum were offered the Donor Egg Cell In Vitro program, which was their only chance to fulfill their biggest dream of having a child.

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    in vitro with donor sperm

    Victoria and Thomas, parents of Teo

    Victoria and Tom are the happy parents of Theodore. However, their road to parenthood was not easy. Diagnostics showed that they were struggling with infertility. When they learned that natural conception would not be possible in their case, they began trying for a child with the help of an infertility clinic.

    “We tried for three years to have a child, one year of which – naturally. From the results of the husband’s semen test, which we got, it turned out that less than 1 percent of the sperm was usable. Therefore, we were qualified for an infertility clinic. There we used donor sperm,” says Victoria.

    The two first IVF procedures with donor sperm were unsuccessful. Eventually, the couple went to Gyncenter. The third IVF procedure, and also the first procedure at the Gyncentrum infertility clinic, was successful, thanks to Victoria’s proper preparation for the transfer. The knowledge and experience of our specialists meant that today the couple enjoys the smile of little Teos.

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