Uncategorized Article · 30 November 2022

In vitro. Science or miracle? Season 1 Watch

The documentary “In Vitro. Science or Miracle?” is a reliable compendium of knowledge about infertility treatment and the in vitro procedure. The host of the program, Malgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, together with Gyncentrum experts, will dispel the myths associated with this method. Viewers will have a unique opportunity to observe Gyncentrum specialists at work. They will learn what conditions need to be met to undergo IVF, how long it takes to prepare for the procedure, and how the full treatment procedure proceeds from the initial examination, through fertilization, to delivery. Malgorzata Rozenek-Majdan will also talk to three couples who will tell about their experiences with infertility.


We also invite you to watch the second season of the program, in which you will learn the story of four couples taking up the fight for their dreams – to become parents. Read more about “In vitro. Science or Miracle? Season 2” >>


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In Vitro. Science or Miracle?

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