Evaluation of ovarian reserve


Ovarian Reserve Assessment is the basic test which estimates condition of woman’s fertility.

Ovarian reserve determines the capacity of the ovary to produce oocytes that are capable of development and fertilization. Each woman is born with defined number of oocytes which decreases over time and do not regenerates.

AMH test

AMH test stands for Anti-Müllerian Hormone test. It is nowadays the most efficient examination of woman’s fertility.
AMH is a marker which precisely determines women’s ovarian reserve and condition of ovarian follicles. It is produced directly by antral follicles in the ovaries.

When is it ordered?

AMH test allows to plan maternity at the proper time, choose the best method of infertility treatment especially when considering procedures, such as in Vitro fertilization, determine a woman’s likelihood of entering menopause.

When should it be done?

AMH level does not vary with the menstrual cycle and can be done at any time. It is also not affected by contraceptive pills.

At Gyncentrum Clinic AMH test result is available on the same day. We are the first laboratory in Poland who introduced the latest technique of obtaining precisely results of AMH test within 40 minutes.