· 24 October 2023

At Gyncentrum Clinics we are using artificial intelligence (AI) for IVF!

Gyncentrum researchers have developed a proprietary algorithm for evaluating the best-promising embryos in IVF procedures. The use of artificial intelligence in in vitro fertilization procedures is an innovation aimed at increasing their efficiency. At Gyncentrum, we aim to make the algorithm a standard tool for additional evaluation of each embryo before transfer in the future, so that as many couples as possible from Poland and abroad can fulfill their dream of having a child.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Up to the fifth day after an egg is fertilized in an embryology laboratory, before the embryo is transferred to the uterus or frozen in liquid nitrogen, it stays in a special incubator, and its development is observed with cameras. A series of more than one and a half thousand photos documenting its successive stages of development is then created. The images record data that determine whether a healthy baby can develop from a given embryo. Among other things, the embryologist evaluates its appearance or the rate of cell division. Unfortunately, not everything can be seen with the human eye. This is where artificial intelligence enters the picture, for which such limitations do not exist.

Tests of the algorithm developed by Gyncentrum scientists, which recognizes what characteristics and patterns a healthy, promising embryo should have, have been successful. From now on, fully automated, precise evaluation of embryos ready for transfer is possible. Thanks to new technologies, we at Gyncentrum are increasing the chance of a healthy pregnancy.