badanie-nasienia-katowice badanie-nasienia-katowice

Semen examination Wrocław

Our patients can perform a complete semen diagnostics, from the evaluation of basic parameters, through extended analysis, to advanced diagnostic methods, i.e. MSOME, MACS, HBA test, sperm DNA fragmentation or testing for sperm aneuploidy, etc.

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Why do a semen test?

Semen examination (seminogram or spermiogram) involves analyzing the number and concentration of sperm, their motility, conformation, viability, ejaculate liquefaction time, and sperm morphology. Semen examination is painless, takes no more than a quarter ofan hour, but can provide invaluable information on a man’s reproductive capacity and diagnose the possible cause of infertility.

InGyncentrum Wrocław Clinic, patients can perform a full semen diagnostics, starting from the evaluation of basic parameters, through extended analysis, and ending with advanced diagnostic methods, i.e. MSOME, MACS, HBA test, sperm DNA fragmentation or examination for sperm aneuploidy, among others.

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badanie nasienia katowice
badanie nasienia katowice
Semen examination Wrocław

Where to perform semen testing in Wroclaw?

You can get a semen test at the Gyncentrum Clinic in Wroclaw at 1 Orląt Lwowskich St. Check the quality of your sperm and increase your chances of having a baby.

Semen examination Wrocław

Gyncentrum Clinic Wrocław
1 Orląt Lwowskich St.

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    Basic and extended semen examination in Wroclaw

    Seminogram in Wroclaw is performed with the help of CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) technology, which consists in the analysis of semen in cooperation with an automatic computer system SCA (Sperm Class Analyzer). The microscopic image recorded with a video camera is processed and subjected to digital computer analysis, and the results thus obtained allow objective evaluation of semen parameters (physical and chemical parameters, concentration, motility). Computer analysis of semen in the CASA system minimizes the possibility of diagnostic error.


    semen test

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    Scope of the basic semen test:

    • total sperm count in the ejaculate
    • sperm concentration
    • sperm motility
    • semen volume
    • liquefaction of the ejaculate
    • color of the ejaculate
    • semen pH
    • ejaculate viscosity
    • degree of agglutination and aggregation of sperm

    semen test

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    The complete test includes the parameters of the basic test and in addition:

    • sperm morphology
    • eosin test to assess sperm viability
    • POX test to assess the number of active leukocytes
    test hba Katowice

    HBA test

    The HBA test is a test that evaluates the ability of sperm to bind to the hyaluronic acid surrounding the egg cell. Only mature sperm, and therefore capable of fertilizing an egg cell, have this ability. Sperm bind to hyaluronic acid with the help of special receptors located on their heads.

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    Testing for the presence of aneuploidy in spermatozoa

    This test can reveal abnormalities in the number of sperm chromosomes leading to miscarriages or the birth of a child with birth defects such as Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome or Turner syndrome. In the test, chromosomes are examined by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), and the result shows in percentage terms what percentage of sperm in the analyzed semen sample has an abnormal chromosome number.

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    materiał genetyczny

    Sperm DNA fragmentation test

    This test is designed to check whether the sperm’s genetic material is damaged. This is crucial information, because damaged sperm DNA firstly reduces the chances of conception, and secondly, it can cause abnormalities at an early stage of embryo development that can lead to pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage, or saddle the baby with a genetic disease. Two tests are used to examine sperm DNA fragmentation:

    • SCD ( Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) – which tests for sperm DNA fragmentation
    • SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) – to determine the abundance of sperm, differentiated by DNA integrity and chromatin structure.
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    zestresowany mężczyzna cierpiący na niepłodność z powodu stresu oksydacyjnego w plemnikach

    Examination of oxidative stress in spermatozoa (MiOXSYS test)

    Oxidative stress is responsible for up to 80% of male infertility. It deteriorates sperm parameters and damages the genetic material of sperm. Oxidative stress occurs when the balance between the amount of harmful free radicals and the amount of antioxidants that neutralize them is disturbed. The MiOXYS test measures the level of oxidative stress in sperm, leading to male infertility. Oxidative stress can be determined by the environment (lifestyle), as well as be related to past diseases.

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    diagnosta laboratoryjny bada nasienie pacjenta metodą msome

    MSOME semen test

    It is a test in which spermatozoa are viewed under very high microscopic magnification (digital magnification of 6,000 times to > 8,000 times), which allows accurate assessment of the morphology of the organelles of mobile spermatozoa in real time, especially the vacuoles, including their number, size and location.

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    uśmiechnięty mężczyzna przykładający twarz do brzucha cieżarnej partnerki

    Magnetic cell sorting (MACS)

    Confirmation of high fragmentation in sperm DNA is unfortunately associated with a high risk that embryo development will not proceed properly and a miscarriage will occur at some point in the pregnancy. MACS ( Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) allows the elimination of sperm with damaged genetic material, making IVF much more likely to be successful.

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    uśmiechnięty mężczyzna wykonujący badanie nasienia w katowicach uśmiechnięty mężczyzna wykonujący badanie nasienia w Katowicah

    Want to know more about semen testing in Wroclaw?


    Frequently asked questions
    regarding semen testing in Wroclaw

    What does a semen test look like?

    The patient reports to the Gyncentrum Wrocław Clinic on a pre-arranged date. Donation of semen takes place in a specially adapted room for this purpose, where you can stay with your partner. Semen for the test is donated by masturbation into a container or a special condom (Male-FactorPak). The condom must be delivered to the laboratory secured according to the manufacturer’s instructions, up to 30 minutes after ejaculation at a temperature of about 37C. In the room located in the clinic, semen can only be donated by masturbation, into a sterile container.

    The Male-FactorPak semen donation condom is designed for semen donation as a result of sexual intercourse, without masturbation. The condom is made of a special material that has no toxic effect on sperm, and does not contain spermicidal or other substances that could interfere with semen parameters and affect test results. The use of the Male-FactorPak condom is a WHO-approved method of semen collection. It provides an alternative for men who have difficulty donating semen via masturbation in a clinical setting. Male-FactorPak condoms are available at PHARMCENTRUM Pharmacy.


    What is the step-by-step process of semen testing?

    Step 1: Patient’s semen donation
    The man receives a sterile semen container at the clinic’s registration desk. He goes with it to a specially prepared room, where he donates a sample to the container in intimate conditions by way of masturbation.

    Step 2: Examination ofsemen
    The semen goes as quickly as possible to the laboratory, where its various parameters are checked. Since the room where the patient donates the semen is located in the immediate vicinity of the laboratory, it is not exposed to the outside world in any way.

    Step 3: Receiving the result by the patient
    The result of the semen test is usually available the same day.

    How to prepare for a semen test?

    The semen examination does not require any special preparations from the patient. However, in order to obtain maximum semen quality, it is important to remember:

    • Maintaining sexual abstinence 3-5 days before the test (too short an abstinence period may decrease the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate, and too long
      may decrease sperm motility);
    • Not consuming alcohol 3-5 days before the test and not using other stimulants;
    • Limiting smoking;
    • Limiting physical exercise;
    • Not performing the semen test during antibiotic therapy.
    Is the semen test discreet?

    We are aware that for many men, semen testing can be embarrassing. In order to minimize the stress of the test, we provide a discreet and comfortable environment for our patients by giving them a special room where they can obtain a sample for the test.

    Is the semen test painful?

    No, semen testing does not hurt. The man obtains a sample of ejaculate by masturbation in a dedicated room, where he is assured of comfort and complete discretion.

    I performed a semen test. Which doctor should I consult it with?

    The result of the semen test should be discussed with an andrologist, urologist or infertility specialist.

    When having difficulty conceiving a child, is a single semen test enough?

    In this case, a single semen test is most often unfortunately not enough. This is because spermatogenesis, or the process of sperm production, is affected by many factors. For the result of a semen test to be reliable, it should be repeated at least twice, at an interval of at least 3 weeks.

    What should be the result of a semen test?

    Semen test reference values according to the WHO 2021 guidelines:

    Ejaculate volume: 1.4 ml
    Total number of sperm in the ejaculate: 39 million
    Number of sperm per ml: 16 million/ml
    Total sperm motility: 42%
    Progressive sperm motility: 30%
    Viable sperm: 54%
    Sperm with normal morphology: 4%
    pH value: >= 7,2

    How much does a semen test cost?

    The price of a sperm test in Wroclaw depends on the scope of the analysis and the test technique. Are you interested in the cost of semen examination? Feel free to read the price list or contact the Gyncentrum hotline at +48 735 122 777.

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